Tecnoquark acquires French group companies Techno -MECA / Famo

Tecnoquark enters the French market by acquiring 2.5 million euros for the group of companies Techno-Méca / Famo, a leading manufacturer of tools for the aeronautical sector in France with an ISO 9100 certification in recognition of its quality. Based in the French town of Pau and 26 workers, the Techno-Méca (commercialization and engineering) and Famo (production) Group turnover of 3 million euros and earned a normalized EBITDA of 0.6 million euros in 2015.

Among the clients of Techno-Méca Famo there are three companies: Airbus, Dassault i Safran. For all of them Tecnoquark produces different aeronautical tools. Dassault stands out as a leader in technology and manufacture of military aircraft such as the Mirage or the new Rafale or private jets like Falcon. Meanwhile, Safran is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world by manufacturing LEAP engine for the Airbus A320 Neo, among others.

With the acquisition of Techno-Méca Famo, Tecnoquark becomes a first-tier supplier to aircraft manufacturers.