Publication of 2016 results

The Tecnoquark Group is again listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) after a suspension in the quotation due to the delay in the presentation of the Consolidated accounts for the year 2016. The 2016 financial year has led to the reaffirmation of Tecnoquark Group as an industrial holding company focused on the automotive (Tecnoquark […]

Tecnoquark turns on a plant in Seville and activates a joint venture with a Shanghai company

The specialized components for the automotive and aeronautical industry group Tecnoquark bets on measurement tools and machines and it has reached an agreement for the creation of a joint venture with the Chinese company Yufeng Shanghai and also is launching a new plant in Camas (Sevilla) that later this year will be the reference center for […]

Tecnoquark acquires 60% of the engineering company specialized in artificial vision Ausil

The specialized components for the automotive and aeronautical industry group Tecnoquark has acquired 60% of the company Automation Systems and Global Inspection SL ( Ausil ) through a purchase agreement and an exchange of securities. Ausil specialization in artificial vision brings quality to the Tecnoquark services portfolio for the automotive industry. NP Tecnoquark compra la compañía […]

Tecnoquark acquires French group companies Techno -MECA / Famo

Tecnoquark enters the French market by acquiring 2.5 million euros for the group of companies Techno-Méca / Famo, a leading manufacturer of tools for the aeronautical sector in France with an ISO 9100 certification in recognition of its quality. Based in the French town of Pau and 26 workers, the Techno-Méca (commercialization and engineering) and […]

Tecnoquark creates an engineering division based in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Specializing in automotive components and Tecnoquark aviation industry group has created an engineering division in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona ) to meet the growing demand to provide integrated solutions, covering both the manufacturing and the conceptualization and design tooling. The new Tecnoquark’s engineering division will offer to aeronautics, automotive and machine building companies the conception and design […]

Report in Via Empresa: “Tecnoquark, on the highway of MAB”

‘Via Empresa’ publishes an article about Tecnoquark Group and emphasizes its commitment to diversify sectors and have physical presence abroad where it already exports 75% of its production. The CEO Carles Soler explains that “unlike other formulas to finance growth, the Altenative Stock Market (MAB in its spanish acronym) formula allows you to maintain the […]


Tecnoquark Group is the commercial name of the Company Tecnoquark Trust SA, which holds shares of companies Tecnoquark Tooling (formerly Matribages) and Tecnoquark Aero. Tecnoquark Tooling continue to provide its services as a provider of tools for wheels, pulleys, etc., while Tecnoquark Aero will especialize in the manufacture of parts in tooling for the aeronautical […]