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We are an industrial and engineering group offering solutions to a number of sectors, primarily the automotive and aeronautical sectors, ranging from engineering to the manufacture of products and services, with a worldwide presence and commercial vision.



The MAB is a market devoted to small capitalisation companies seeking to expand and is designed specifically for them, with costs and processes adapted to their characteristics. More information.

The ability to design options is characteristic of this alternative market. To adapt the system, if possible, to companies that are unusual due to their size and level of development, that have major financing needs, and that need to value their business and improve their competitiveness through all the tools that a stock market can make available to them, the MAB offers alternative financing to enable them to grow and expand.

This flexibility means adapting all the existing procedures for these companies that have to be listed in a market but without giving an adequate level of transparency. For this, a new concept has been introduced, the "registered advisor", whose mission is to help companies comply with information requirements.

In addition, companies will have a "liquidity provider" or broker to help them find the necessary counterpart to establish their share price as efficiently as possible while providing liquidity. However, we should stress that companies listed on the MAB, due to their size, must have characteristics in terms of liquidity and risk different from those of companies listed on the stock market.

The MAB is characterised by:

  • A trading system operated by the Stock Market (MTF).
  • Promoted by the BME (Spanish Stock Market) and supervised by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities Market Commission).
  • For European Union and Latin American securities.
  • For institutional and private investors.
  • It provides financing, visibility, liquidity and valuation.
  • With an information and recruitment system tailored to the specific nature of this type of company.
  • It is a learning or release platform of the Stock Market for companies that comply in terms of size.
  • Bolsas y Mercados EspaƱoles (BME) brings its expertise and technology in the design of this market and its operational procedures, dissemination of registration and information.
  • Presentation of MAB Growth Companies